Leasing FAQs

To give you a quick and easy overview of GRENKE's most important facts and figures, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here – clear and simple.


In simple terms, a lease allows a business to spread the cost of acquiring a piece of equipment over a chosen period and removes the need to pay for it all upfront.

A lease can be for almost any business and is an incredibly effective way of allowing a business to hold on to its cash while investing in business equipment for the future.


Over the last 40 years, GRENKE has provided leasing to numerous styles of businesses and organisations: Sole Traders, Associations, Industrial Providents, Partnerships, Limited Companies and PLC’s and so much more.

GRENKE operates independently of equipment manufacturers and equipment resellers which allows us to consider a very broad range of equipment (including but not limited to): IT Hardware – Copiers – Printers – Telecoms - Medical Equipment - Coffee Machines - Vending Machines - Commercial Catering Equipment - EPOS - and much, much more.


It may be possible to lease other items – simply contact us.

At GRENKE, leasing is available at net purchase prices of €500 and upwards. That means that you can finance even minor investments via GRENKE.

Normally, your reseller would submit a proposal for a lease on your behalf to GRENKE. However, if your reseller is not a GRENKE partner yet - let us know, we will contact your reseller and agree upon the terms. Alternatively, you can contact GRENKE directly. 

We are legally obliged to charge VAT on our contracts at the prevailing rate(s) through the life of the contract.

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You use a delivery confirmation to specify the day on which you received the asset. The agreed basic lease term begins on  the first day of the calendar quarter following receipt of the equipment, or, in exceptional cases, the calendar month, if a monthly payments was confirmed. 

To operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, GRENKE collects the instalments due for your leasing contract only four times per year (on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October), i.e. quarterly in advance.

As an exception from GRENKE standard conditions, we can arrange monthly collection upon request. 

As GRENKE is the legal owners of the equipment, the leased object must be insured. GRENKE can include your assets under an comperhansive and aforadoble GRENKE Protect solution, or your are free to choose your own insurance.

With our leasing product, you are paying for the use of the equipment not the ownership.


Our product is essentially similar to car lease. When you lease a car, paying the leasing instalments does not give you ownership of the car; instead, you are simply paying to use it. Paying the leasing instalments  will never make the car your property. Upon expiry of the contract, you can return the car, buy it out for the residual value, or apply for contract prolongation.


In case you would like to take over the leased object, we will make you a purchase offer at the end of the leasing period.

There are various options. The most popular option is to return the devices and acquire new ones; secondly, to request a purchase offer for the leasing assets; and thirdly, to continue the lease. That means that the customer has the flexibility to decide.

Yes you can. All we ask is that any monies outstanding on your contract at the time you wish to terminate are paid in full.

The GRENKE customer portal allows you to manage all your contracts simply and securely online. Moreover, it gives you access to digital invoices that meet all statutory requirements, e.g. for VAT returns.


A Master Lease Agreement (MLA) is a pre-approved amount of money that a customer can have access to lease equipment for their business. It runs for 12 months and allows you, the customer, the freedom and flexibilty to draw down from the facility at any stage as and when needed at the agreed preferential rate. 

In total, acquisitions worth at least €15,000 should be planned for the next twelve months. This total investment volume determines the preferential terms of all individual contracts under the agreement, even when it’s just a small acquisition worth €500. Processing the individual leasing contracts within the agreement is particularly simple and fast. Only one credit assessment is required, the contracts are simplified and you can grant people without power of attorney the authority to sign contracts.

No. GRENKE operates independently of any manufacturer. Customers have access to a wide variety of leasing options. These include office communications and office equipment, medical equipment and security systems, as well as machinery. In certain circumstances, more unusual assets can be leased by arrangement.

Not at all – apart from the preferential terms, of course. As the customer, you choose the basic lease term for each leasing asset individually.

No. We do not charge a commitment fee. You pay only the leasing instalments for the assets requested in the individual contracts.

The total leasing volume is available to the customer on the defined terms over a period of twelve months, irrespective of the calendar year. During this time, it can access the total leasing volume in any number of individual contracts, always at the time when it is optimal for the company to invest.

No. The leasing instalments remain fixed until the end of the individual contract in question. Retroactive amendments are not possible.


Just contact us via contact form and become GRENKE Partner during the next business day.

There are three ways to do so: 1) via Partner Portal, 2) via GRENKE Mobile application, or 3) by contacting your personal manager.


The quickest way to do this is via your partner portal. There, you can calculate leasing quotes and send requests online in just a few clicks.


If you do not have login details yet, you can request them here or get in touch with your GRENKE account manager.

We process all leasing requests in 1 h.

GRENKE guarantees that your invoice will be paid within 24 hours, provided that we have all the necessary contract documents. For GRENKE’s retail partners, leasing is therefore a reliable transaction without any outstanding receivables. If your customers lease, they reinforce their own liquidity at the same time as a result.

GRENKE is always ready to boost your sales by organizing training for your employees, as well as for your customers, if necessary.

There are various options. The most popular option is to return the devices and acquire new ones; secondly, to request a purchase offer for the leasing assets; and thirdly, to continue the lease. That means that the company has the flexibility to decide.

There are two separate contracts:

  • Leasing contract between GRENKE and Customer;
  • Framework agreement between GRENKE and you, signed once you start cooperation with us and valid for all leasing deals irrespective of the customer.



In general - yes. But it all depends on your mutual agreement with the customer.

Yes, we do provide integration via API.