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Whether you work in food processing, services or supply — you need solutions that will help your business grow, while reducing your financial worries. This is exactly what we offer at GRENKE.

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Latvia. To grow, businesses have to constantly reinvent themselves, implementing ever new technologies to boost productivity. No matter how advanced your working tools are, there’s always space for improvement. At GRENKE, we make this process seamless, ensuring that the cost of new equipment do not create undue stress for your core operations.

We provide efficient tailor-made financing solutions so that each of our clients can focus on what they do best: farmers can raise healthy livestock and harvest the finest produce, manufacturers can create recipes that deliver on both price and taste, while stockists can ensure safe storage and distribution. Throughout our cooperation, our tailored consulting services are at your disposal. Because we know our business as well as you do yours. 

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Ensuring your effort turns into profit

Serving your customers fresh and healthy food every day — we are well aware of your mission. But as rewarding as the work may be, it won’t be a success if you don’t earn money. We’re here to help you invest in your development without putting excessive strain on your business finances. Choose equipment leasing if you need a new computer, a packaging machine or a new forklift. Or explore our other tailored financial options that make development happen.

What type of leasing suits you?

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Take three steps to your fitting leasing solution

There are different types of leasing based on your investment needs. Take our test and find out in no time which one is right for you.

Do you make investments several times a year?

Do you regularly invest in different types of assets for your business?

Do you spend a lot of time for signing up to leasing and purchase agreements for your business equipment?

The right leasing option for you is the Master Lease Agreement

You have higher investment needs and need the flexibility that this entails. That’s exactly what you get with the GRENKE Master Lease Agreement, which allows you to lease office equipment in a way that suits your needs. We’d be happy to advise you – just get in touch.

The right leasing option for you is Classic Lease

You are looking for consistent instalments that give you certainty around your investment plans, but also would like to stay flexible. Look no further than GRENKE’s Classic Lease option – it’s just what you need. We’d be happy to advise you – just get in touch.

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Finance your next step

Do you feel like it’s time to grow or adapt to new market conditions? If you don’t want to reach your financial limits too quickly, simply lease new equipment with GRENKE — be it a freezer, a stretch wrapper or a car for your delivery service.

Reinvention made accessible

The food and beverage industry is being constantly challenged by new trends and sustainability standards on the one hand and ever evolving customer needs on the other. Master Lease is a perfect leasing option, allowing your business to keep pace without facing financial obstacles every time you upgrade your equipment. Working together, we will come up with the optimum solution specific to your business goals.

Fast financing for timely growth

Do you need a particular piece of technology to implement an innovation and soar to new heights? A piece of equipment like a fully automated vertical form fill seal (VFFS) or a flow pack machine can really make a difference in efficiency and cut your costs in the long-term. Classic Lease allows you to finance these capital-intensive investments and consistently retain your cutting edge.


Your needs are unique, and so is our financial consulting.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We’ll be happy to take care of you in person.

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